State Level and Federal Level Crimes

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State Level Crimes

The Constitution of the United States allows states to govern themselves by creating specific statutes that define and prohibit criminal behavior. A state crime is any activity or omission that violates the legislation passed by the state.  State crimes can include felonies and misdemeanors of different kinds, as well as other offenses.  The devastation that comes from being charged with or investigated for a state offense can be overwhelming.  In addition to long-term consequences, people may find themselves faced with the loss of employment and reputation, as well as the effects it may have on their family.   Although the severity of the penalties for state crimes tend to be less than those of federal crimes, facing state charges may result in lengthy prison sentences; sometimes at a minimum of a few days in jail to life in prison; and probation depending on the severity of the offense.

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Federal Crimes

Federal crimes are defined as offenses that violate the laws of the United States. As opposed to state or local offenses (defined by state and local law), federal crimes have a broader scope that transcends local communities and affects the national interest.  Federal prosecutors, also known as United States Attorneys, manage federal crimes and the penalties that surpass the severity of state sentences.

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What We've Achieved For Our Clients

  • Father accused of murder, jury acquits and finds not guilty
  • 43 year old female charged with felony DWI, prison time avoided, probated sentence
  • 20 year old male charged with Assault, case reduced to lesser charge
  • 35 year old male charged with Felony assault, case dismissed
  • 46 year old female charged with probation violations, probation reinstated
  • 23-year-old female charged with Assualt Family Violence, case reduced to disorderly conduct
  • 55 year old male charged with Aggravated Assault, case reduced to lesser offense, probated sentence
  • 23 year old charged with 3rd time DWI, probated sentence
  • 39 year old female charged with Possession of Controlled Substance, case dismissed
  • 59 year old charged with Probation Violation and Possession of Marijuana, probation reinstated and new charged dismissed