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Understanding sexual assault

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2020 | Sex Charges

If you have a warrant against you for sexual assault in Texas, it is crucial to understand what this charge means. There are several types of sexual assault and various factors involved, so you may want to learn more about this issue in the information below.

Overview of sexual assault

There are many classifications of sexual crimes, including assault, child pornography and solicitation. Assault itself is an umbrella term for several distinct actions. These can include:

  • Rape, whether in a marriage or not
  • Forcible sodomy
  • Touches that are sexual in nature and unwanted
  • Performance of sexual acts with a minor
  • Incest
  • Object penetration that is forcible
  • Undesirable sexual actions of any kind

Specific types of sexual assault

There are several specific types of sexual assault that come with serious criminal charges. The first is acquaintance rape in which you force someone you know to have sex with you. The second is a drug-facilitated assault in which a drug goes in the victim’s drink, leaving him or her incapacitated. Marital rape is when one spouse forces the other to commit a sexual act against the other’s will.


Sexual assault is not considered assault if there is consent from both parties, which is why mounting a defense is so important. Consent comes from a place of sobriety, however, in which both parties make an agreement that is verbal and enthusiastic about performing a sexual act together. It’s important to always communicate before any sexual act.

Getting legal help

If you have a charge against you for sexual assault, you need someone who will listen. You may want to contact a lawyer who has experience in criminal defense and is sensitive to your needs during this time. He or she may help you to understand the charges and work to ensure that your rights are protected.