Texas police arrest Lindsay Lohan’s stepmother for DUI

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Actress Lindsay Lohan has made headline news many times, not only for famous roles she has played in various Hollywood movies but also for problems her family has faced, including her parent’s divorce and her father’s estrangement from his second wife, Kelly Major. Texas police arrested Major several weeks ago, which has led to her facing felony DUI charges.  

Texas law is stringent when it comes to repeat DUI convictions. In Major’s case, she has two criminal convictions on her record for driving under the influence of alcohol. Because of this, her most recent arrest led prosecutors to raise the charges against her to a felony level.  

Major was not driving when police approached her vehicle 

In addition to demonstrating that DUI charges may escalate if a person who is arrested has past drunk driving convictions on his or her record, Major’s case also shows that a person need not be in a moving vehicle for Texas police to make a DUI arrest. The officers that administered a field sobriety test to Major later stated that she was sitting in her vehicle in a parking lot, with the engine idling, when they made contact with her and allegedly smelled alcohol on her breath.  

Be careful when police ask questions  

Texas police claim that Major told them that she had been driving around, looking for someone with whom she had recently had an argument before she stopped in the parking lot. A motorist is not obligated to answer questions regarding where he or she has been or what he or she has been doing if a police officer asks such things during a traffic stop. In such cases, a motorist may invoke his or her Fifth Amendment right to remain silent. If a DUI arrest occurs, it is best to seek immediate legal support.