Former TSU assistant dean charged with sex crimes

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2023 | Sex Charges

A few years ago, the assistant dean of admissions at Texas Southern University was accused of stealing money from the school. It was alleged that he would intentionally send students too much scholarship money, then would keep it for himself when they returned the surplus amount. While he is no longer working at TSU, the same man is scheduled to appear in court in March of this year, not for theft charges but in connection with allegations of sex crimes that he is accused of committing against a minor.  

The alleged incident reportedly took place in 2018. The minor with whom the former TSU employee is said to have had sexual contact is not a student at the university nor associated with the school in any way. Leading up to his next scheduled court hearing, the defendant has been ordered not to have involvement in any activity where minors are present.  

Many defendants have been cleared of sex crimes in the past 

Facing charges in a Texas court for sex crimes does not necessarily mean a conviction will result. Many people accused of such crimes are found not guilty. In fact, some cases never even make it to trial due to a lack of evidence or other legal deficiencies.  

There is a lot at stake for anyone who is accused of committing sex crimes, especially when a case involves a minor. American jurisprudence requires every individual to be granted due process and to have the right to experienced legal representation in court. A criminal defense attorney can not only recommend a defense strategy but can also challenge the state’s proposed evidence.