Woman arrested regarding car sale in Texas

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2023 | Criminal Defense

Texas police say a citizen reached out to them after becoming suspicious about a car he was attempting to buy from another person. A woman had reportedly offered to sell the car for half its market value. The vehicle was nearly brand new. A preliminary investigation led police to believe the car in question was a rental vehicle that was not for sale.

The person who was interested in buying the vehicle is said to have cooperated in a police sting so that the woman who had allegedly offered to sell him the car would arrive at a particular location at a certain time. The woman did, in fact, arrive, at which point, police took her into custody. They also said that the woman’s driver’s license was suspected of being fake.

Multiple felony charges

In addition to third-degree auto theft, the woman is facing other criminal charges, as well. A Texas police department posted details about the case on Facebook. When a car has been rented, it cannot be sold, although in some cases a person who is leasing a car can legally sell it. To avoid legal problems, it is important to understand the difference between leasing and renting a vehicle.

Securing criminal defense support before heading to court

A defendant facing criminal charges in a Texas court is entitled to refute the charges by presenting a defense. It is best to seek guidance and support from a criminal defense attorney. Such an attorney can review the details of a particular case and recommend a strategy that will help achieve as positive of an outcome as possible.