Criminal charges against Alec Baldwin dismissed

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Criminal Defense

In Texas and elsewhere, the unlawful use of firearms has resulted in many criminal charges. One such incident in another state tragedy involved Hollywood star, Alec Baldwin. Baldwin was filming a new movie in another state when a prop gun he was holding dislodged, causing the death of a cinematographer on set. Baldwin’s criminal defense attorneys recently announced that involuntary manslaughter charges against their client will be dismissed.

Baldwin has adamantly denied fault concerning the sudden death of Halyna Hutchins, who was the cinematographer for the filming of the movie, “Rust,” which came to a screeching halt when Baldwin’s gun accidentally discharged a live bullet that killed Hutchings and wounded the movie’s director, Joel Souza. Baldwin was charged criminally for the death of Hutchins. But it has not been reported that Recent headlines stated, however, that special prosecutors indicated they will seek dismissal of the charges based upon new evidence that requires further investigation.

Baldwin could still be charged later

Baldwin’s criminal defense attorneys are understandably pleased with the dismissal. They also hope the further investigation into the tragic events that occurred on the “Rust” movie setwill absolve Baldwin of all criminal responsibility. From the start, Baldwin has asserted that he believed the prop gun was unloaded and that he did not pull the trigger. Prosecutors say the dismissal does not yet formally absolve Baldwin of culpability.

Criminal defense support is often the key to a favorable outcome in court

Anyone facing criminal charges in Texas can consider the Baldwin case as an example of how beneficial strong defense support can be in achieving a positive outcome in court. An experienced defense attorney understands the criminal justice system and can determine which strategies best fit a particular client’s needs. If a personal rights violation has occurred or evidence is lacking, an attorney can request a case dismissal or challenge existing evidence as inadmissible in court.