Texas program deters DUI during spring break

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2023 | DWI Defense

In 2021, close to 900 collisions on Texas roads were alcohol-related. That same year, more than 30 people died because of driver intoxication. These incidents prompted TxDOT to institute a program focused on deterring DUI, especially during spring break on college campuses throughout the state.

The TxDOT program advertises this slogan: “Drive sober. No regrets.” Students at Baylor University, Texas A&M, Southern Methodist and more, are encouraged to avoid driving altogether if they consume alcohol on spring break. The anti-drunk driving campaign provides a list of resources, such as various ride-sharing systems, that make it easy to avoid DUI while having fun with friends during spring vacation.

Even a first-offense DUI can torpedo a college career

Spring break parties sometimes get out of hand, which increases the possibility that a college student might have a lapse in judgment and attempt to drive after consuming alcohol. In Texas, a DUI conviction for a first offense is punishable with up to 180 days in jail. Penalties also typically include substantial fines.

Many Texas college students attend school on scholarships and have signed honor agreements, both of which may be at stake if a DUI conviction occurs. If an arrest takes place, there may be grounds to challenge the evidence or to request a case dismissal. It is also sometimes possible to secure a sentence upon a conviction that does not include jail time, such as probation or some form of community service. An experienced criminal defense attorney can provide guidance and support to anyone who has been accused of drunk driving.