Texas man arrested days after mass shooting

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Criminal Defense

The neighbors of a Texas resident recently asked the man to stop shooting his rifle because their baby was trying to sleep and the noise was apparently keeping the child awake. What happened next led to a manhunt that culminated days later when police found the man in question hiding in a cupboard under a pile of clothing. Investigators say the house in which they located the man was miles from his home and is believed to belong to one of his relatives, although that information has not been confirmed.

Police believe the man fled his home after becoming angry at his neighbors’ request. They say that five people in the neighbors’ home were shot to death, and they believe the man they arrested is responsible. An $80,000 reward was offered for information leading to the man’s location, and police say they found him after someone called in a tip.

Border patrol officers made the arrest

The accused individual was taken into custody by the Border Patrol Tactical Unit. US immigration officials say they are familiar with the man because he has been deported from the United States more than once. The man’s wife has also been arrested and is facing criminal charges for allegedly interfering with her husband’s apprehension.

Five counts of murder

The man will now face criminal charges for five counts of murder. As in all criminal cases, he will be able to present a defense. In cases like this, where criminal justice and immigration law intersect, it is always best to seek legal guidance before heading to court.