If You Face Assault Charges, Protect Your Future

A conviction for assault can impact your life permanently. If you have to go through life with an assault conviction on your criminal record, you will face not only a damaged reputation but also limited options when it comes to housing, jobs and education.

This is where I come in. I am Phil Morin, the founding attorney of Phil Morin Law Firm PLLC. At my law firm, I provide aggressive criminal defense based on more than 16 years of legal experience. In my practice, I have helped numerous clients defend their rights in the legal system, achieving results such as dismissed charges, reduced charges, reduced sentences and not-guilty verdicts.

Do Not Give Up. I Can Fight Your Charges

Some defendants decide to plead guilty, whether from shame, the desire to end their case quickly or the mistaken belief that the authorities have enough evidence for a conviction. But you should never give up hope without speaking to Phil Morin Law Firm PLLC. I know which defense strategies have the best chance of success, including defense against self or another.

Get Defense From A Former Prosecutor

As a former prosecutor for Brazoria County, I know the strategies to use to construct a persuasive case in your favor. My prior experience means that I know how the opposing side thinks. I work to anticipate their moves and devise an effective counterattack to dispute their evidence, dismantle their case and secure your freedom.

Protect Your Future. Schedule A Consultation Today

Contact my law firm in Pearland today to schedule an initial consultation. I serve clients in Brazoria County as well as Harris and Fort Bend counties. For your convenience, we can meet in person, talk on the phone or speak through video conference. Call 281-975-5924 or send an email to take the first step toward a strong defense.