Domestic Violence: What You Need To Know

Domestic violence charges must be taken seriously. It’s normal to be scared and unsure of what comes next. Phil Morin Law Firm PLLC has helped clients defend themselves when it matters the most. No two cases are the same, and I will give you the individualized attention you deserve. I am here to listen with compassion and understanding from beginning to end.

Understanding The Laws In Our State

In the state of Texas, police will make an arrest for domestic violence if they are called to a house after a 911 call. Even if the alleged victim declines to press charges, the state will move forward. You should not attempt to contact the victim or you could face additional charges. Many people aren’t aware of their rights, so contacting an attorney as soon as possible is always in your best interest.

Having a domestic violence charge on your record can have a major impact on life as you know it. You could lose your job and forfeit basic civil rights. Having an experienced defense attorney on your side is an important step in the right direction. It can protect you from the potential consequences you could be facing. Don’t let an accusation ruin your future. I can answer your questions and explain your options.

Act Now; Call Today

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