Texas Federal Crimes Lawyer

Fighting Federal Crimes Charges

If you are facing charges for federal crimes, your rights are in peril. As you consider your options for fighting these serious charges, it is crucial to be represented by a tenacious criminal defense lawyer with a track record of achieving the best possible result in federal cases. At Phil Morin Law Firm PLLC, we combine our big-city experience with small-town values, providing a supportive environment for people facing federal crimes charges in Texas. We have extensive experience practicing in federal courts and have amassed an impressive track record of winning complex criminal trials.

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Federal Crimes Representation

Phil Morin, a former assistant district attorney, defends clients throughout Texas who are facing charges in federal courts, including:

  • Kidnapping
  • Antitrust violations
  • Drug smuggling
  • Bribery and extortion
  • Espionage
  • Human trafficking

Phil Morin brings a wealth of trial experience to our firm. He understands how the prosecution approaches these complex cases using that perspective to the advantage of our clients as he finds every possible flaw in the prosecution’s case.

Protect Your Good Name

Federal criminal charges are devastating and, with the possibility of mandatory prison sentences, can severely impact the rest of your life. With so much at stake, it is critical to have our federal criminal defense experience on your side. Contact us today for a consultation.