Obtaining An Occupational License In Texas

When a person faces drunk driving charges in Texas, they must surrender their driver’s license before conviction. In the Houston area, getting around without being able to drive can be difficult. To drive to work or perform essential household duties, you will need an occupational license.

Driving in Texas on a suspended license is a considerable risk. Getting caught can prolong the revocation period and may result in additional fees or charges. Obtaining an occupational license can help prevent further trouble.

It’s important to seek legal help as soon as possible to get an occupational driver’s license and prepare your defense against driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges. My name is Phil Morin, and as an experienced lawyer in DWI defense in Brazoria County, I can help you take this next step in getting your life back.

Don’t Get Caught Without A License

Acquiring an occupational license can be vital in continuing your life after a suspension. To obtain an occupational driver’s license, you must submit a request in the county where you reside or the county where the alcohol-related offense occurred. You will need to prove that you have an unavoidable need to drive and that it is essential to maintain your employment or your household.

With an occupational license you can:

  • Drive to and from work
  • Drop off and pick up children from school or parental visitation
  • Pick up groceries and prescriptions
  • Provide aid to an elderly or disabled family member
  • Run other necessary household errands

The court will review your petition and determine if you are eligible. This process can get complicated quickly, but having the right attorney by your side can make the process faster and more successful.

Getting You Back On The Road

With extensive experience in defending DWI charges and helping clients obtain occupational licenses, I can help you navigate the court system, speed up the process and handle the paperwork.

As a former Brazoria County prosecutor, I understand how to navigate the complicated justice system and can provide unique guidance to build the best case. Contact Phil Morin Law Firm PLLC at 281-975-5924 now to schedule a free consultation and learn more about the process.