Phil, you have exceeded my expectations. I feared the worst. My biggest concern was going to jail and you saved me. Not only am I not going to jail, but my case was dismissed. Thank you so much for help. Your a life saver.

— L.W. – charged with DWI

Phil made me feel secure and confident at a moment when all odds where against me. He is the best at what he does

— K.N. – charged with assault family violence

Phil, thank you for being there…I had no idea what to expect and only thought the worst. You kept me calm and relaxed and always answered my calls. Thank you for listening and helping.

— V.R.- charged with possession

Thank you Phil for getting me through this rough and difficult time. You have been my rock. Thank you for looking out for me.

— M.H. – charged with probation revocation

Dear Phil, I thought I would be able to handle the divorce on my own. Boy, I was wrong. Things could have gotten horribly complicated if not for you. Thank you for guiding me through this difficult process. I appreciate all that you have done.

— E.M. – divorce

Its good to know there are still gentleman lawyers out there. My other lawyer was rude and never returned my calls. You were always there and I could always count on getting a call or text back. Thank you for you help.

— H.R.- divorce and criminal matter